Ronin Cooking, LLC

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Cody Crowder - Spring of 2014

"We hope to provide the community with the benefits of our land and our hard work."

Ronin Cooking caters to the needs of its customers above everything else.

From delightful food to a blissful atmosphere, the farm is a spectacular place to spend your evening. 

I can honestly say the farm never presented a dull moment.

The Light family is a very motivated family. Needless to say, they keep things moving, and employees working. The one thing I enjoyed most about the farm being able to enjoy and respect your labor. Working with your hands in the hot sun can be overwhelming, but you get a feeling of satisfaction after a hard day's work. Whether it was capping the day off with your favorite beverage, or just riding around the farm and taking in the view, The Ronin Family knows how to keep their employees happy!